My goal, when working with someone, is to help them find their dreams and, in the process, help them find themselves. This is the kind of therapy I bring to my practice of forty years for individuals, adolescents and couples.  When therapy is successful, it changes an individual’s  life. Although I do not work for any insurance companies, the individuals I see are entitled to out of network benefits.

Psychotherapy is worth exploring if you are interested in getting to know yourself .Psychotherapy is not something you believe in or not. It offers the possibility to change one’s life. Talk therapy is most effect when a person wants to find out about him or herself, despite the fact that the exploration of feelings and memories can sometimes be difficult and painful. Staying the course in psychotherapy takes personal strength.  Therapy is not self-indulgent…just the opposite.

The goal of psychotherapy is personal growth built on trust, honesty, respect, and care. It is not like going to a medical doctor and getting a diagnosis and medication. In psychotherapy only by talking about everything can a person find out what’s really on their minds and in their hearts. And when we know ourselves better and are at peace with our personal histories,  we can handle a lot of the challenges life throws at us; without those challenges overwhelming us.



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You may also view the following video interview where I discuss what is psychotherapy:

What is psychotherapy anyway? A dialogue between psychoanalysts

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